SC@RUG 2023

April 04, 2023 - Room 0105
Bernoulliborg, Zernike


The Computing Science programme at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen will organize the twentieth student colloquium conference SC@RUG on 4 April 2023, bringing together students and staff from Computing Science in Groningen.

SC@RUG 2023 is devoted to providing an overview of research done in the field of Computing Science with an emphasis on highlighting research conflicts. The previous colloquium conferences have had a broad range of presentations in the field of surveys, tutorials and case studies, and we hope to extend that range even further this year.

  • Interesting talks on current topics
  • Free to join!
  • Lunch included
  • Keynote


    Judith Bachmann


    Graph Self-supervised Learning

    Germán Calcedo Pérez & Somak Chatterjee

    The privacy risks of mobile in-app browsers

    Andrei Dumitriu & Claudiu Veres

    What makes a great software team?

    Mike Lucas & Elnur Seyidov

    Machine Learning for Leakage Detection in Water Network

    Xiaoyu Guan & Lonneke Pulles

    Federated Learning based on Gossip Protocols and Blockchain

    Shrushti Kaul & Nikhita Prabhakar

    Time Step Selection for Scientific Visualization

    Giouri Kilinkaridis & Martijn Westra

    Securing Publish/Subscribe systems on Software Defined Networks

    Krishan Jokhan & Marten Struijk

    Comparison of sampling methods in the validation of machine learning models

    Chris Hadjichristodoulou & Herman Lassche

    Gender, Representation and Online Participation

    Davide Rigoni & Joep Scheltens

    Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Niek Löke & Hessel van Oordt


    Judith Bachmann

    Fairness in Software Development

    Tom Eijkelenkamp

    Queue Management in Programmable Network Switches

    Stern Brouwer & Florian de Jager

    Foveated image and video quality metrics

    Sjoerd Hilhorst & Sven Veenhuijsen

    Multi Agent System for Anomaly Detection in Networked Systems

    Koen Bolhuis & Rick Timmer

    LDA vs. LR

    Eelke Landsaat & Johanna Lipka

    Deep Learning for Leakage Detection in Water Network

    Julian Pasveer & Chris van Riemsdijk

    Automatic Data Processing Pipeline Design

    Carlos Brito Gonzales & Puja Buter-Fadte

    Interactive tools for computer graphics education

    Lars Andringa & Bogdan Popescu

    Opportunities and challenges in the adoption of serverless computing

    Bjorn Pijnacker & Jesper van der Zwaag


    SC@RUG 2023

    April 4, 2023 - Room 0105, Bernoulliborg, Zernike